Birdman or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance)

I do not own this photo.

If you haven’t seen this satirical black comedy-drama film, then get your a** up from wherever you are and try to do something and see it. I give you my blessings, go download it from any torrents.whatsoever you can find or go buy it from iTunes store for AED 59.99 (hey, this is precised, I just checked it) Whatever your next action is, JUST go and see it! Did I say SEE it?

Birdman or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance)  is beautifully written and amazingly directed by Alejandro G. Iñárritu in 2014. The said movie and its crews received positive reviews and did get numerous awards from various award giving bodies because it is a piece of ART!

Why did I wait 2 years before giving it a go? Let say, I slept for 2 years and just woke up now, yes woke up from my procrastination. But seriously, I would not have any fitting answer, should you ask me that question.

I do not own this photo.

I have a small confession to make. I have this occasional bad habit: I read plots of certain movies first, before watching them. I know, the element of surprise is served to me as half a*sed and that is it. Thank you for not judging me. However not this time. I controlled the strong urge and small voices to Google it, promise, I really did! Guess what, I have never been prouder.

It is a great movie, and even that word “great” may be an even understatement, shall we agree on excellent instead? Cinematography is  a superb one, music and sound brought me into higher level of suspense/anticipating unknown/and surprise thanks to that segment of drum scores and percussion, they helped a lot to give me that constant mixed emotions throughout the film. I swear to you, I could feel how my heartbeat danced to its bass. Actors are, indeed well cast too. Bravo! This is a kind of masterpiece that I would love to be involved to.

Well, wait no mo’, here are the top 10 lines (quotes) that sunk in my mind, spoken by the film’s actors in their random order. Enjoy! …You are welcome!

I do not own this photo.
  1. You are not important, get used to it.
  2. Popularity is the slu*ty little cousin of Prestige, my friend.
  3. You’re anything but invisible. You’re big. You’re kind of a great mess. Like a candle burning on both ends.. but it’s beautiful.
  4. What’s the matter with me? Why do I always have to beg people to love me?
  5. Stop looking at the world through your cellphone screen! Have a real experience!
  6. The truth is always interesting.
  7. I’d pull your eyes out of your head. I’d put it in my own skull and look around, so I could see the street the way I used to when I was your age.
  8. The question we should ask ourselves is… what do we talk about when we talk about love?
  9. A man becomes a critic when he cannot be an artist.
  10. Look at these people, at their eyes… they’re all sparkling. They love this sh*t. They love blood. They love action. Not this talky, depressing, philosophical bull sh*t.


I do not own this photo.


That Bittersweet Thing Called Homesickness

Fragrance of the golden hays can never be found in the dessert.

I inhaled the mysterious zephyr that has become a frequent companion.

I closed my eyes and ease the rushing flows of manifold memories of glorious  happiness.

Searching for a smile in every soul passes by.

But found hidden sorrows, covered in fashion statements.

Fading chuckles and giggles barely resonates in those skyscrapers.

Lost in the midst of clattering silver and gold.  


Of Self Provacation on Hopefulness

You look far away, swallowing your angst into your throat.
You stare at the qwerty, finding answers to questions you don’t know.
Or you know, but chose to ignore.
For you understand to yourself that once it gets ugly, slowly the insecurities find you even in the corner most of your comfort zone.

It will haunt you mercilessly.
Bringing out the sadness you shielded away from the light where people can see them.
Refraining the outer world to penetrate the fragile universe you’ve covered up and sheltered from the fray.

You ask yourself.
How did you survive the loneliness that life had thrown on you?
How did you master projecting a seamless disposition?
You silently pat yourself, trying to lift up a down spirit of your being. You bravely confront your mirror, that this is another bump in the road.

You will over come it. It will go. It will pass just like the other sad days you had.

This is just another day of your life, a day that is soon to be over.
Consoling your withered courage, inviting peace,shutting down that curtains of melancholy, counting the stars till it gets easy.




Once Upon A Sporadic Night

I hold my breath and feel the 7th heartbeat.Those feet that are resting on the pillow uncontrollably quiver from chasing butterflies dancing into the garden of colorful cows and artistic lambs.

The clock is unforgiving, tormenting my ears, synchronizing to the pumping of my blood. It waits for no one, not to the lost thoughts I buried 28 summers ago to say the least.

The massive bear’s chest indicates life. I hear snores like an old lady’s whisper. Silent but crisp.

I embraced the truth, the biting reality. And in that calm moment, I, once again, found love.

A Glimpse of Uptown Mirdif on A Pre Summer Dubai

Hola! Kumusta?

The photos you are about to see are not taken, in no degree by a professional photographer, ‘though I wish to be one someday. But, thanks to modern technology, somehow it makes me a so-so photographer.

It is past the middle  of the month of May and we are on 39°C. Is it a bad thing or a good one? I’d like to choose the latter. Let us keep this positive spirits rolling while they last. Until 50°C is still in its slumber.

Uptown Mirdif! I will not try to compete with Google, they will provide you with your basic needs about the Uptown Mirdif. (wink!)

I love how these Palm trees. They stand with pride.
Kabayans are chilling out in front of the fountain.
I feel as ‘though I am not in Dubai. I don’t know exactly but not in Dubai.
Must be a rough day for Aladdin Adventure. The weather is really getting hot. Kids won’t be excited sliding and jumping to these inflatable slides during afternoon.
Let your instinct guide you. Road to Food court.
It is unbelievably serene.
Friend helping a friend for his Facebook profile photo in  one of  the beautifully lit up fountains in the Mall
Confuse no more. Miraculously appeared right after we got lost and found.
My blood sugar went exponentially high just the sight of these cakes.
Not only cactus grow. This beautiful is a champion.
Can someone please tell me what is the name of this amazing plant/tree?
Arabesq architecture. Khatir helwa! Masha ‘Allah.
This is where the tall buildings are not in the backdrop. I love this place. So peaceful.

So there! Uptown Mirdif in Dubai.

By night.

Kumusta – A Filipino way of “How are you?”

Kabayan – A Fellow Fiilipino. Literally meant compatriot.

Khatir helwa –  Arabic way of  “very beautiful” (and/or sweet) .

 Masha ‘Allah – Arabic phrase that expresses appreciation, joy, praise, for an event or person that was just mentioned.