I Finally Caught The “Catcher…”

Lately, coming-of-age movies and books seem to interest me more than the time when I was at the age where they were supposed to influence me.
I know how adulting consumes me in a way my inner child is sometimes throwing a fit, so I need that other ‘self’ to be in that shoes, again, a teen who has full of curiosity, full of spontaneity, experiencing the joys of being prohibited to do a thing but rebelliously do otherwise, the logic that are outrageously funny and annoying, and the discoveries of life’s teaching in a come-what-may way.

During my teen years, my exposure to literature about young adults were very limited. Even though, I have read some radical books I was told not to during my teen years, still, I engaged myself to read, and boy, never I regret, for I see things differently… But then again, they weren’t meant for young adults! That was the difference! 

You see, access to books like this, (that has cult following, YA) was quite challenging for my younger self. (Please do not ask me how, there could be a lot of factors why.) And for that, I am doing myself a favor…of discovering more authors, more book titles, and more stories that I just heard sporadically during my maturing years. Those classic and authentic young adult fictions!

So! Here’s to adult peers, who, like me, occasionally yearn to relive those almost forgotten moments, of our younger and adventurous self. Let us enjoy the opportunity of being able to buy our OWN books (being adult, having a decent job 😅) and build our own library. Salute! 

The Love We Deserve 

Charlie: Why do nice people choose the wrong people to date? .Bill: Are we talking about anyone specific? .

Charlie: Nodded .

Bill: We accept the love we think we deserve. 

Charlie: Can we make them know that they deserve more? 

Bill: We can try.. 

– Charlie and Bill in Perks of Being a Wallflower

Do we, really? It is debatable in its sense. But looking around us, it has become the norm of our society. Not only in dating, but the behavior towards us by others that we condone. When we become so tolerable and complacent about something we are not truly comfortable about, we tend to be quiet and accepting just to avoid disagreement. Until, we deliberately send the signal that we are OK with that.

Predominantly, we have seen a lot of this scenario; that we are even guilty of it. We are too nice to people who are disregarding us.

Yes, outside sources can make us feel that we deserve more, friends and family who treat us great. They will always be there. but at the end of the day, when we are left alone in our thoughts, recollecting the events of the day, of the months, of the pasts, I hope each one of us find the love and appreciation. Respect, on a greater level, not the only ones we choose to accept just because…but of what we really are worthy of! ❤