Gaslighting Anita

She wouldn’t notice. Not tomorrow certainly not today. She was too occupied with the fur baby he just gave her. How it would be wonderful for her to practice taking care of Butter, the pug that he adopted for her. Butter would take her mind off from the things that were bugging her lately and he knew she liked the idea.

There she was at the beach sitting, petting Butter, taking selfies and laughing. He heard her flirtatious laugh again, the one that made him notice her, the one that made her more attractive.

From afar, as if watching the waves crush into the shore, he was startled with the vibration from his pocket, someone was calling him on his mobile. He clutched it and put it in his right ear while he was waving at her his left arm lifted with a cigarette. He knew she wouldn’t notice. If only he would stay calm as he always was with her, she would be fine.

He was on the phone with Karen and it was one of the intense talk again. He talked to her between his clenched teeth while cursing her. Crazy woman, he thought to himself while not leaving Anita within his peripheral. Lately, she’s been pestering him on his work, annoying him, blackmailing that she’d call his girlfriend.

He approached Anita after he hung up on Karen. He made sure his phone in airplane mode that no call could penetrate, whoever it is was would try to call him.

He hugged her and she just laughed and all giddy like her usual ways. She stopped laughing when she remembered something. Darling,she said. Karen called last night while you were sleeping. She was crying, she told me you got her pregnant, that your baby needs you! Anita’s brows were worried and she sounded unsure.

He shrugged, he looked at her directly. He said, while he was stroking her hair, baby love, there’s no Karen existing, there’s no one pregnant. Check your mobile if she really called. He confidently urged her.

She did as she was instructed too. Her hand was shaking and almost frantic. She said, while her voice was shaking too. How come? How come there was no call registered? I swear I talked to her. I listened to her for goddamn two minutes until I told her that I you were sleeping and both of us wouldn’t want to wake you up. She even sent me a text that she’d call around 11! Her tears were almost waterfalls but warm in a windy afternoon.

He wiped her tears while the wind blew from the beach. There is no Karen. No record of her. No calls no messages. You checked it just now. Have you been taking your medicines lately? Darling I don’t know know what are you talking about. So whatever she told you doesn’t make any sense because she simply doesnt exist. Go call Butter, we don’t want Butter mirror your distress, don’t we? He told her after hugging her tight. He tried to pacify her as she let little sobs and tears faded with the waves.

She wiped her cheeks where her tears ran down. She looked at him. I don’t know why this is happening. Even if there is a real Karen, I wouldn’t believe her! I would only believe you! She hugged him back and she hastily let go and walk towards Butter.

He felt relief, last night after Karen’s call and he waited for Anita to sleep, he carefully got up from the bed and checked Anita’s mobile phone. There were messages from Karen, there were missed calls and one call received. He deleted all that. After checking for one more time and his satisfaction was met, he slowly joined her in her sleep.

He couldn’t afford to lose Anita and he couldn’t let anyone like Karen to break her trust on him. She trusts her whole life to him and he loved that. He loved the idea that he could make her believe whatever he say. He knew something was troubling Anita even before they live together so a little bit of lying as far as she wouldn’t know wouldn’t hurt her. Not tomorrow, especially not today.

He forgot about the cigarette in his left hand. The ashes reached the filter, he dropped it off in the sand.

What Changed?

He used to like her, that’s what she thought, what happened? What changed that, the laughter they just shared prior to her week off from work? She couldn’t figure it out, somewhere along her busy mind, that for quite two days after she had come back, everything seemed to be not in their right order. Her guts was telling it, or this “weird” feeling was a product of her imagination?

He loved how she was witty in their conferences. She built a rapport within their team. She took time to help him shine as he indirectly telling her that all of them, as in all of them within the team will be shining in front of their bosses. There was even a time she was more than sure that he liked her, as a subordinate and on a personal level, oh how he laughed at her silly jokes!

She gasped of the thought, wasn’t it because she was moved into a different department by the higher management? She was no longer under his wings, no longer a close ally. She couldn’t be the eyes anymore, a spy that she sometimes volunteered to play for him. But aren’t they friends? Aren’t they supposed to be sharing secrets or funny things about their co workers, like they used to do?

She almost fell on her seat, trying to not show any emotion. There he was, smiling elegantly like the same smile he used to give her when she used to do all his long and tedious monthly reports, and then in a blink of an eye, she saw Valentina: that new girl who replaced her with a blonde hair and a milky white skin, smiling back at him.

Her chest was full of the sigh she’s so anxious to release.



Let’s Start The 2018!

Celebrate life. Celebrate Literature.

Here’s to another exciting year, starting another, yet vicious cycle of quenching our thirst for written words, for stories.

Let us enjoy the books! I truly believe in their power to influence, inspire and make us dream about life. Life is not calibrated as fairy tale, or a constant feel good scenes, but between the fine lines, we can always find a pulsating element art of the artists; their long sleepless nights, their agony, their dark side, their unrequited love, their anger or their stoicism which connects to our different state.

Is it too late to say Happy New Year, considering we are in the 2nd of Jan?