Birdman or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance)

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If you haven’t seen this satirical black comedy-drama film, then get your a** up from wherever you are and try to do something and see it. I give you my blessings, go download it from any torrents.whatsoever you can find or go buy it from iTunes store for AED 59.99 (hey, this is precised, I just checked it) Whatever your next action is, JUST go and see it! Did I say SEE it?

Birdman or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance)  is beautifully written and amazingly directed by Alejandro G. Iñárritu in 2014. The said movie and its crews received positive reviews and did get numerous awards from various award giving bodies because it is a piece of ART!

Why did I wait 2 years before giving it a go? Let say, I slept for 2 years and just woke up now, yes woke up from my procrastination. But seriously, I would not have any fitting answer, should you ask me that question.

I do not own this photo.

I have a small confession to make. I have this occasional bad habit: I read plots of certain movies first, before watching them. I know, the element of surprise is served to me as half a*sed and that is it. Thank you for not judging me. However not this time. I controlled the strong urge and small voices to Google it, promise, I really did! Guess what, I have never been prouder.

It is a great movie, and even that word “great” may be an even understatement, shall we agree on excellent instead? Cinematography is  a superb one, music and sound brought me into higher level of suspense/anticipating unknown/and surprise thanks to that segment of drum scores and percussion, they helped a lot to give me that constant mixed emotions throughout the film. I swear to you, I could feel how my heartbeat danced to its bass. Actors are, indeed well cast too. Bravo! This is a kind of masterpiece that I would love to be involved to.

Well, wait no mo’, here are the top 10 lines (quotes) that sunk in my mind, spoken by the film’s actors in their random order. Enjoy! …You are welcome!

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  1. You are not important, get used to it.
  2. Popularity is the slu*ty little cousin of Prestige, my friend.
  3. You’re anything but invisible. You’re big. You’re kind of a great mess. Like a candle burning on both ends.. but it’s beautiful.
  4. What’s the matter with me? Why do I always have to beg people to love me?
  5. Stop looking at the world through your cellphone screen! Have a real experience!
  6. The truth is always interesting.
  7. I’d pull your eyes out of your head. I’d put it in my own skull and look around, so I could see the street the way I used to when I was your age.
  8. The question we should ask ourselves is… what do we talk about when we talk about love?
  9. A man becomes a critic when he cannot be an artist.
  10. Look at these people, at their eyes… they’re all sparkling. They love this sh*t. They love blood. They love action. Not this talky, depressing, philosophical bull sh*t.


I do not own this photo.


That Day When Leo Becomes a Victor

In between of some responsibilities that I can delay but my quarter mind is pushing me to dwell on them, while being torn on reading a newly purchased book or do the series that has a promising appeal to me; I received a great news that I know a lot of my high school friends will find this amazing: Leonardo has finally won an Oscar!

Stop that judging eye brows just right there. I just need to express how it delights me to read the news. Thanks to the internet, everything is recorded in a matter of milliseconds. That being said, why should I hide the fact that I am so thrilled to know  Leonardo diCaprio has FINALLY won an Oscar! I was excited to do the redundancy.

leo winning oscars 2016 Photo credit to the owner

Yes, yes I know, you might be reading this and not agreeing with me the importance of him winning that golden statuette, but I know deep down your heart you must be celebrating with the fabulous man and just too cynic to show it.

Right after I read the news, which I was late for for few hours, because I decided to think while closing my eyes that lead my thoughts to drift away into unwilling but relaxing nap, I immediately googled his name and my pupils remain dilated reading his victory. Yes! Feeds are staring back at me, the once boy I used to have a huge crush on has made it!

Titanic, was/is the film that made me fall in love with him. Call it nerdy, but completing 15th summer of my life, I knew that I would be following the guy’s career, I didn’t know why, I just knew it like a commitment.

Any normal kids who was born in the early ‘80’s wouldn’t  have missed Titanic in their high school routine chats. It was shown in December 1997 and I am betting with you, I don’t need google to be  precised on this date because that summer of 1998 when my older brother surprised me a VCR tape handwritten TITANIC on it, I knew I would be watching this movie that full summer while teaching myself how to play an acoustic guitar.

The Man In the Iron Mask was one of his movies that I always had associated good memories with. This time, it was the eldest brother who had brought me the tape from the city, telling me again and again, “I only borrowed it and we have to give it back to him the same way it was handed over to me”, as if I was included in their terms and condition that when the weekend is over, he had to return it. I didn’t mind anyway, not touching the typewritten title placed horizontally to the VCR tape.

Honestly? I have to see that movie again, not because of Leonardo DiCaprio alone but to relive the  memories of green mangoes with salt and chili shared with my eldest brother during that summer but breezy afternoon  when he came from the city bringing me presents and “The Man In the Iron Mask”.

Catch Me if You Can, had influenced me in a slightest way possible. After watching it from the local Cable TV in my friend’s home, it sunk in my mind, that there would come a day when a situation when I had to tamper something in my documents would come, and boy this movie inspired me. After few years seeing that movie, I couldn’t believe what I was actually doing one rainy evening in the small corner of that cafeteria where they did the photocopy business.

Armed with colorless glue, pair of scissors and the photocopied sheets of my birth certificate, I did what my guts was telling me to do. The goal was to get that job that belonged to 17-19 year old and being a 21 year old, I had nail it. Definitely I did. Looking back, if I haven’t done that tampering, I wouldn’t be able to finish my University, I wouldn’t be able to graduate and it was not an exaggeration.

Blood Diamond was shown in the cinema and in the same year, my 24th year of existence, my father welcomed me in our old house with that VCD copy of the same movie, he had watched it few times, but this what he had to offer when I came home one silent evening and noticed my quietness. He knew how I adore movies, ‘though in a longest time he didn’t know about Leonardo thing. This time, VCR was a yesterday’s thing and it was then replaced by VCD. Before handing me over the movie my father told me “This is the best movie I watched in quite long time” I didn’t understand what he meant that time until few years later when we talked about it and he did want to divert my attention and focus into the movies, which of course didn’t happen as I was mending a broken heart. For that reason, I ought to watch this movie again with an open heart.

The Departed and The Aviator both were seen by me few years after they were shown in the cinema. They accompanied me together with the other movies those nights when I long to be with my family and friends. They are one of the movies I wished I saw in the cinema and for me to recapture that feeling, I watched them while in my mind, they: family and my close friends were with me here in UAE.

Django Unchained, The Great Gatsby, The Wolf of Wall Street are the last movies that I saw when I have a family of my own. Yes I reached adulthood and watched these movies as if Leonardo DiCaprio is a part of my family.

How about The Revenant? I saw it few weeks back! I knew this movie would make him bring the bacon! Or so we thought. Me and my husband.

In a finger snap, the feeling of Titanic was just like yesterday. It felt surreal! Can someone explain to me how 18 years passed up to this date?

Yes, 18 (nearly 19) years had passed since I first saw Leo in a movie. From then, his looks matured in a savvy way. He kind of developed his charms more. He dated a lot of girls; countless memes are created out of him not winning an Oscar even few times he was nominated; the world is entertained by him; he stand up of what he believes as an environmentalist which draw my greater respect for him; and yes he is one of the international Actors I would associate ‘growing up’ watching his movies.

In the future, maybe not so distant, I will download all of the MOVIES that he starred in and guard them like a treasure! I will make my daughters and future generations to see his movies which obviously would be a classic. I would tell them, how Leonardo DiCaprio’s movies have accompanied me from my adolescent life to adulthood and I would be one of those kind of grannies who keep retelling stories like a broken record.

And Leo, I am confessing to you am not your biggest fan. I cannot live up to that larger than life responsibility of knowing your movie lines by heart, but one thing is for sure, I know that when you finally won that Oscars, the memories that I carried with me while ‘growing up’ ignited a flame of inspiration. You well deserved to win and the cast of the crew. World will rejoice this event with you and  in few days or nights you’d be waking up to after parties knowing to yourself that you are a victor!

As for me, I will carry on with my mundane life but in some future boring occasions when I see old friends and we’d try to talk about our teenage years passed; a fraction of me would light up remembering that day when Leonardo diCaprio so neat in his suit delivered his speech of winning best actor of the Academy Awards; a fan girl celebrates life.